For Businesses

If you offer a 401(k) or similar retirement savings plan, we may be  able to enhance your level of service without an increase in the cost of your plan. Consider this:

Many 401(k) plans use investment companies that pay an adviser to service the plan. Do you know if your plan is one of them?  The following are some of the services we may be able to provide your staff and employees.

On-site Office Hours.

On a scheduled basis, we visit your office and meet with employees to explain the plan, provide updates and meet one-on-one to discuss personal goals and objectives.

Fiduciary Support.

We review your plan with an eye towards compliance with Section 404(c). Investment Policy Statements are reviewed, investments are monitored and other steps are taken to help you provide a retirement plan that suits your needs.

During these uncertain economic times, when was the last time your 401(k) service provider personally assisted your employees with questions relating to their investments? When was the last time your plan representative reviewed your investment selections and overall plan?

It is quite possible that your plan is paying an advisor to render these services. If they are not providing the level of service you expect, contact us for an evaluation.

Rock Island Wealth Management has been consulting on 401(k) retirement plans since 1992. We will provide a complimentary, no obligation evaluation of your  current plan in these five primary areas of importance:

  •     Plan Design and Administration Features
  •     Fee Structure for Plan Administration and Investments
  •     Potential Fiduciary Exposure
  •     Investment Selection and Performance
  •     Employee Communication and Education

Other services we discuss with business owners and their estate planning or tax professionals include business succession, estate planning and related topics.

Whether you’re a business owner or individual investor, our Purpose, Cause and Passion remains to create, preserve and transfer wealth by building the RIGHT PLAN for each and every client.